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DECORIT is the plaster chosen for project Energy renovation of Bulgarian homes

The first 2 buildings, which were put under confirmation in accordance to the project ‘’Energy renovation of Bulgarian homes’’, which is financed under the OP ‘’Regional Development’’, can be already seen shining with their new colored facades. In accordance to the prescriptions of the shootings and the energy audit, which are performed by the Bulgarian-Australian […]

Selection of a contractor under OP “Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013

On 02/27/2014 a commission composed of: Chairman: Mr. Velin Alexandrov Members: 1. Violeta Ivanova 2 . pearl Nikolov decided to invite KEIT Ltd. to contract procedure with the subject Patent license giving the right to use the invention “Multimedia single-and multi-level encrypted marking banderol varhuprodukti ” protected by a patent BG 63520 . The Commission […]

Public call

“Terazid” Ltd. initiates “Public call” for the executant with subject : Patent license giving the right to use the invention ” Multimedia single- and multi-level encrypted marking excise labels on the products’ patent-protected BG63520. Tenders shall be opened pursuant to Art. 11a and Art. 8, para. 2, item 2 of the Decree № 69 of […]

The structural plaster of ‘’Terazid’’ has been awarded in the competition

‘’The structural plaster TERAZID’’ won the category ‘’Dry construction mixtures’’ into the competition ‘’The best construction product’’ of – the portal for construction. Engineer Velin Alexandrov, manager of ‘’Sales’’ in ‘’Terazid’’EOOD, received an honorary diploma for the plaster, which is one of the first products, manufactured by the company. The plaster is a dry […]

‘’Terazid’’ is the first Bulgarian manufacturer with European certificate for thermal insulation system

‘’Terazid’’ EOOD is the first Bulgarian manufacturer that has received the European Technical Approval (ETA) for its system for façade thermal insulation. The certificate is issued on the basis of thorough testing of the products, separately and in a system, by an accredited for this purpose European laboratory, which is a part of ЕОТА. The […]

Engineer Valin Alexandrov is the Businessman of the year in the construction industry

The manager of ‘’Sales’’ of ‘’Terazid’’EOOD, engineer Velin Alexandeov, was awarded as the ‘’Businessman of the year’’ of this year`s edition of the competition of ‘’1 to 1 in construction’’ magazine. Engineer Alexandrov received his statuette in the most contested category, after getting 770 votes, going ahead his opponents from ‘’Dorma Bulgaria’’, ‘’Marisan and Kolev’’ […]

‘’Terazid’’ EOOD with a new symbol for the harmless products

Since the beginning of the year, the paints, the plasters and the primers of ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD are already marked with a special symbol for being safe to the environment. In the period of 2010-2012, we have gradually reduced the compositions of all liquid and pasty products with the ‘’Terazid’’ brand in accordance to the Regulation […]

More than 50 children planted trees together with Terazid EOOD

Terazid’s initiative “Let’s plant a tree together” on Saturday gathered more than 50 children and as many parents , grandmothers and grandfathers, who spared their time on the Saturday to plant one tree each in the Droujba 1 residential estate. The campaign was also supported by many of the company’s business partners among which Likata […]

Terazid’s brick masonry solution was chosen for the best construction product

The lime and cement solution for brick masonry of Terazid EOOD was deservedly selected for the best construction product in section “Dry construction mixtures” of the competition of, which ended at midnight February 28th.21 companies and 57 products participated in the competition, which was held for the third consecutive year. The leading Bulgarian manufacturer […]