Engineer Valin Alexandrov is the Businessman of the year in the construction industry

The manager of ‘’Sales’’ of ‘’Terazid’’EOOD, engineer Velin Alexandeov, was awarded as the ‘’Businessman of the year’’ of this year`s edition of the competition of ‘’1 to 1 in construction’’ magazine. Engineer Alexandrov received his statuette in the most contested category, after getting 770 votes, going ahead his opponents from ‘’Dorma Bulgaria’’, ‘’Marisan and Kolev’’ and ‘’Rofix Bulgaria’’.
The awards in the construction industry were given this year at a lavish ceremony at the capital club ‘’Sin City’’, after online voting that ended on April 1st.
I want to thank to all the people who gave their vote into this inquiry for the trust and the support. It is a high evaluation not only of my work, but also of all the efforts of the whole team of ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD, said engineer Alexandrov after the ceremony.
The highest award for the Person of the Year, was given to architect Tanko Serafimov.