‘’Terazid’’ EOOD with a new symbol for the harmless products

Since the beginning of the year, the paints, the plasters and the primers of ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD are already marked with a special symbol for being safe to the environment.
In the period of 2010-2012, we have gradually reduced the compositions of all liquid and pasty products with the ‘’Terazid’’ brand in accordance to the Regulation for limiting the emissions of volatile organic compounds when using organic solvents in certain paints, varnishes and autorperarative products, explained engineer Velin Alexandrov, manager of ‘’Sales’’.
The Regulation sets the requirements for certain products in order to prevent or reduce air pollution, resulting from the participation of volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as the limits for maximum allowed VOC content into the products. In accordance with it, each of the labels of the products with the ‘’Terazid’’ brand, has written out the category and the sub-category of the product and the maximum VOC content in g/l, specified for the respective product. For the purpose, all labeled products have passed additional tests at an independent laboratory.
To facilitate our clients, we have additionally introduced an easily recognizable identification of the harmless products. On the cover of each bucket, there is a symbol for low content of VOC (VOC – Volatile organic compounds), adds engineer Alexandrov.
This is another step of the proven manufacturer of high-quality building products, ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD, for protecting the nature and the environment, and for reducing the preconditions for its pollution.
One of the first measures that the company took in this direction, was introducing and certification of production under ISO 14001:2004, a system for control and protection of the environment in2008.