Interior decorative plasters, effective paints and coatings

The „Interior decorative coatings“ is the product section in the TERAZID portfolio that has been developing at the fastest pace in the last few years. To meet its customers wishes and at the same time to always keep up with the interior design world trends, TERAZID offers products with different purposes, appearance and effects. The variety of materials for decoration includes the well-known and most common latex paints, as well as the modern and effective microcement coatings or the unique pearl plasters.

One of the longest available and most established interior paints on the market are the PRIMAVERA MULTICOLORE latex paints. As the name of the product suggests, these high-quality acrylic paints are available in an extremely wide range of over 1000 colours, selected into several groups in a catalogue. They have excellent covering ability and create a resistant to rubbing and washing matt film, on interior walls and ceilings.

In addition to the standard interior paints, TERAZID produces the FRATELLI product series, including various types of decorative plasters and paints, which became a hit on the market in a short period of time. One of these spectacular coatings is the pearl water-based paint PERLA COLORE. With its 200 colours and five bases - Silver, Gold, Titanium, Rainbow or Red Gold, you can give complete freedom to your imagination and decorate your home or office, giving it a unique identity.

Following the line of the pearl and its elegance, class and sophistication, TERAZID complements its pearl decorative paints with the PERLATO VELLUTO decorative plasters. The velvet softness and the pearl shades that these plasters will give to the walls in the living room, for example, will add extra cosiness and an inimitable identity. Again, the richness of the colour catalogue is so great, that it can fulfil even the most daring design decisions.

Recently, the FRATELLI series palette has been increased by two more products – the decorative paints with iridescent effect ARCOBALENO and ARCOBALENO DUO. These impressive wall paints combine the elegant, discouragingly delicate and adorably simple pearl with the representing the colour richness, the variegation and the imagination freedom sky rainbow. Smoothly iridescent pearly blue, nacrous pink, pale green and passing through them, a light fibre of violet warmth. With the ARCOBALENO paints, you can now bring all this colour fairytale into your home and the magic of the pearl and the rainbow can become part of your daily life.

When it comes to decorative interior coatings that can offer a combination of appearance and uncompromising quality, there isn’t a more suitable product than the established undisputed market leader – MICRO CEM. This innovative material is a system of special micronized cements, high-quality primers and polyurethane varnishes, which create a highly effective designer coating, with a modern diverse look and wide application. The water-repellent properties and high wear resistance of the product make it extremely suitable for decorative coating in bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, corridors and others.

The affordable prices of the products from the FRATELLI, PRIMAVERA and MICROCEM series, combined with the very high quality and the extremely wide selection, rank them among the most preferred by the interior designers in Bulgaria.

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