Gypsum construction adhesives, plasters, renders and jointing mixtures

The gypsum mixtures and the calcium-sulfate based solutions are one of the most used materials in the construction processes, covering a wide range of activities, mostly related to fine finishing indoor application. As a leading manufacturer of gypsum plasters, renders, adhesives, jointing mixtures and others, TERAZID offers on the market a series of gypsum-based products, with very high quality and at affordable prices.

Two of the longest available and most established gypsum dry mixtures on the market are the adhesive Gipsit and the Gypsum plaster. Due to its excellent properties, the adhesive is widely used in the gypsum panel blocks masonry, bonding of gypsum profiles, mouldings and ornaments on walls and ceilings. The Gypsum plaster is one of the most preferred products, when flat and smooth indoor surfaces must be achieved. It creates an excellent basis for decorative finishing of walls and ceilings with the INTERIOR DECORATIVE COVERINGS section paints and plasters.

In addition to the standard gypsum plaster mixtures, TERAZID produces the Satige products series, which comprise specially developed adhesives, plasters and jointing mixtures for plasterboard. The adhesive is designed for bonding plasterboard and fibreboard on any type of construction base, while the jointing mixture is intended to fill and shape joints, corners and connections, when a reinforcing mesh between the boards is used.

Another specially developed plasterboard mixtures category product is the Spachtelzid plaster. The perfectly white gypsum and the extremely fine mineral fillers guarantee a smooth and uniform base for painting with the Primavera Multicolore latex interior paint.

For its customers convenience, TERAZID offers the high-quality machine gypsum renders X-Top 2000 and R-Light 1000 in mobile silo equipment. The silos, factory filled with 16-18 tons material, are delivered directly on construction site. Then, in the process of work, they are refilled on site, by specialized company equipment. This working method has a number of advantages, such as saving time, facilitating the construction site work, reducing packaging waste and last but not least – supplying of gypsum construction mixtures with constant high quality and an optimally low price. The standard X-Top 2000 and the lightweight R-Light 1000 are high quality dry mixtures for machine application of single-layer internal gypsum renders on walls and ceilings. They are suitable for application on all construction substrates.

Along with gypsum-based renders, TERAZID also offers basic accessories for working with these products, such as corner profiles. These are steel or plastic edge protectors, designed for additional reinforcement and protection of corners when applying internal machine renders. In addition to strengthening and protecting the corners from mechanical damage, the profiles also contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the walls, creating excellent straight edges.

The production of gypsum plasters, adhesives and renders is one of the main activities of TERAZID. The products in this category are of proven high quality, and the added value and advantages of the delivery methods, combined with the affordable prices, make them bestsellers on the market in Sofia and all of Bulgaria.

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