Cement-based plasters and screeds, lime-cement mortars and plasters, fast-setting and fireproof cement mixtures

TERAZID is one of the leading manufacturers of cement and lime-cement mixtures in Bulgaria and offers a wide range of materials in this category. This section contains many products, each with its specific characteristics and application.

Summarized, they can be divided into masonry mortars, lime-cement plasters and cement plasters, dry concretes, leveling floor screeds and special-purpose mortars, as the fireproof mixture for building fireplaces or fast-setting cement.

As far as dry masonry mixes are concerned, the RZ-200 lime-cement mortar for brick masonry and the Adhesive for brick masonry are one of the most sought after TERAZID's products and the best sellers on the Bulgarian market. The RZ-200 lime-cement mortar has become a byword when it comes to masonry with vertical cavity ceramic bricks, while the Adhesive is used in more specific thin-layer bonding of ceramic bricks with "correct geometry".

TERAZID's dry masonry products include the so-called “lining” plasters - R300 and H400. The lime cement plasters for walls and ceilings are so popular when it comes to rough plastering of brick or stone masonry, that the only thing to be considered is whether they will be used for internal or external application. It is important to note that the TERAZID's lime-cement mortars and plasters can be delivered in large quantities directly to the construction site, via the company's silo technique.

Part of the cement-based mortars category are the so-called „dry construction“ concretes. Baubeton is intended for construction and repair work, as well as for filling irregularities and holes, when restorating of non-load bearing concrete. Baubeton Rapid Fix is a fast-setting concrete for monolithing metal, concrete or wooden stakes, pillars and other elements.

Cement-based plasters for interior and exterior application are a classic construction products that present in almost every building. The TERAZID's grey cement plaster is a preferred product when it comes to quality and solid levelling of walls, and the white cement plaster has the added benefit of creating a smooth and ready for paint surface.

Both cement-based plaster and cement-based floor screed is a product that finds application in almost every construction site. The factory premixed cement screeds are divided according to their strength into different classes, which mainly determines their use. The standard screeds C-25 and CM-15 are equally well suited for machine and manual application.

When it is necessary to level concrete floors in a short period of time, TERAZID recommends the use of the special fast-setting cement Cem One. The hydraulically binding mixture for floor coverings levelling with accelerated drying, allows making cement screeds with the resistance of pedestrian traffic only after 24 hours. Cem One is suitable for creating of external floor screed on concrete, as well as for internal applying over floor heating system, without the need of any additional additives.

In addition to the classic factory dry premixes, in its production of cement-based mixtures, TERAZID also relies on less traditional, strictly profiled professional products. One of them is the Terazid Klass t° fireproof mixture for fireplace masonry and the Terazid B4 anchoring rapid-setting cement.

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