The additives for concrete and cement mortars are a category of products related to the so-called "construction chemistry" and are intended to improve various characteristics of the construction materials, both during the work processes and during the operational period of already finished constructions and individual elements.

In the "Additives for concrete" section, are placed enhancers for concrete and cement-based products, such as the antifreezes Tekalit and Skrezhko. They are specially developed admixtures, which ensure work with cement, cement-sand and concrete products at low temperatures. Tekalit enables working with cement adhesives and plasters at a minimum air and base 24-hour temperature down to -10°C. The two varieties of Skrezhko ensure secure application of facade cement plasters such as Structural plaster and Splattered plaster, as well as of concrete solutions, at a minimum air and base 24-hour temperature down to -5°C.

The mechanical strength, elasticity and adhesion of these cement mixtures can be optimized with the synthetic latex additive Latex SBR 200, which is extremely suitable for bonding and jointing of ceramic and stone coverings. When it comes to improving the impact resistance, increasing of the cohesion during the application of building mortars and reducing the formation of cracks in concrete and cement coatings, the additional reinforcement with Polypropylene fibers is an affordable and easy solution.

Along with the concrete admixtures that improve applicability and performance, TERAZID also offers those related to the visual characteristics, such as the colorants for concrete, cement and lime-cement mortars - Terazid Oxi Color. The oxide pigments have very good UV-resistance and do not affect the strength indicators and the operational characteristics of the solutions.

The latest product in the category is the plasticizer for cement screeds - Thermo Guard. This high-quality polycarbonate dispersion improves a number of characteristics of floor screeds such as thermal conductivity, time to reach optimal mechanical strength, workability, and also shortens drying time. All these advantages that the additive provides make it extremely suitable for applying screeds on underfloor heating systems.

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