Waterproofing for roofs, wet rooms, foundations and others, accessories and systems

The construction waterproofing topic is quite voluminous and always on the table. The products are used everywhere in a building - from the foundations to the rooftop and they are integral parts of the construction and construction-repair processes. On the other hand, the lack of waterproofing in a given building, room and even a separate detail or element can lead to serious problems of a different character.

Aiming to meet the demands of its customers, as a manufacturer of waterproofing, TERAZID offers various solutions, either separate specific products or integrated systems. The category is one of the main ones in the company's portfolio, and over the years, TERAZID has managed to establish several types of products, both universal and strictly profiled, as market leaders. In general terms, according to the way of application, these products can be divided into two main groups - ready-to-use waterproofing - pastе or liquid, and those that need preliminary preparation, such as two-component and cement-based waterproofing.

Like everything else, the TERAZID’s waterproofing production is carried out with the highest quality raw materials and by the most modern technologies. Each of these waterproofing materials can be categorized according to its purpose or field of application. One of the most used and most sought-after products is waterproofing for interior spaces. These are most often universal, ready-to-use waterproofing for under ceramic floors, which are easy to apply and extremely effective.

As a manufacturer of waterproofing products, TERAZID ranks at the top with the ready-to-use liquid waterproofing Terazid GT-11. This paste-form product is mainly intended for wet rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, sanitary rooms and others, but it is also quite often used for waterproofing of terraces and balconies. It is important for this product not to be left as a final layer and to be protected from direct sun rays or mechanical damage by covering it with a ceramic or other flooring.

This is not the case with the light-reflecting elastic waterproofing AquaCool Reflect. The main purpose of the product is for roof waterproofing, as its elasto-mechanical properties, in combination with its UV-resistance, make it the ideal solution for all horizontal and vertical elements of the building exposed to direct sunlight. AquaCool Reflect reflects up to 80% of the UV rays and it is mainly used as waterproofing for roofs, open terraces, canopies and others, without the need for additional protection from solar radiation.

Another TERAZID’s product, which is ready to use and is not affected by the harmful ultraviolet rays, is the bitumen waterproofing Teralastic Bitum. This highly elastic UV-resistant mixture is widely used over new flat or inclined roofs, based on regular or reinforced concrete, sheet metal roofs and roof coverings of bituminous tiles. It can also be used for foundations and substructure elements.

The next product from the TERAZID’s catalog, which can be used both for internal and external application, is the cement-based waterproofing mixture - Tresit CR72. It is mainly used for floors and walls in wet rooms, as well as for basements as additional protection against capillary moisture. The cement-based mixture is also suitable for waterproofing cellars, basements and other concrete and masonry walls below ground level.

Like Tresit CR72, the two-component waterproofing Hidrozid is also used for wet rooms, as well as for walls and floors below ground level, and needs to be protected with the appropriate floor covering. The product is not resistant to an eventual large static load, but it has excellent adhesion to different types of construction surfaces and can be applied as waterproofing for pools, water reservoirs, flower gardens and others.

When it comes to production and trade of waterproofing for a bathroom, for example, it is impossible not to mention the waterproofing tape. These so-called "accessories" such as the waterproofing tape are a necessary and integral part of the system, especially when it comes to bathrooms. The water-repellent elastomer is a very important element that secures the most critical areas in a wet room, such as corners and edges. For even greater convenience, TERAZID offers additional waterproofing accessories, such as ready-to-apply internal and external corners and siphon pads.

One of the TERAZID’s latest innovative products in the category is the two-component waterproofing Aqua Block. The product is designed for waterproofing of wineries, cellars, basements and other rooms below ground level, subject to the so-called “negative” or “opposite” water pressure. Aqua Block stops the penetration of water caused by underground water, capillary moisture, condensation, rain, leaks from adjacent rooms, by providing a solution to a very common problem in which the already finished rooms can only be treated from the inside, i.e. from the “opposite” side.

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