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DECORIT is the plaster chosen for project Energy renovation of Bulgarian homes

The first 2 buildings, which were put under confirmation in accordance to the project ‘’Energy [...]

The structural plaster of ‘’Terazid’’ has been awarded in the citybuild.bg competition

‘’The structural plaster TERAZID’’ won the category ‘’Dry construction mixtures’’ into the competition ‘’The best [...]

‘’Terazid’’ is the first Bulgarian manufacturer with European certificate for thermal insulation system

‘’Terazid’’ EOOD is the first Bulgarian manufacturer that has received the European Technical Approval (ETA) [...]

Engineer Valin Alexandrov is the Businessman of the year in the construction industry

The manager of ‘’Sales’’ of ‘’Terazid’’EOOD, engineer Velin Alexandeov, was awarded as the ‘’Businessman of [...]

‘’Terazid’’ EOOD with a new symbol for the harmless products

Since the beginning of the year, the paints, the plasters and the primers of ‘’Terazid’’ [...]

Terazid EOOD again nominated for Manufacturer of the Year

For the second consecutive year Terazid EOOD was nominated for “Manufacturer of the Year” by [...]

More than 50 children planted trees together with Terazid EOOD

Terazid’s initiative “Let’s plant a tree together” on Saturday gathered more than 50 children and [...]

Terazid’s brick masonry solution was chosen for the best construction product

The lime and cement solution for brick masonry of Terazid EOOD was deservedly selected for [...]

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