The structural plaster of ‘’Terazid’’ has been awarded in the competition

‘’The structural plaster TERAZID’’ won the category ‘’Dry construction mixtures’’ into the competition ‘’The best construction product’’ of – the portal for construction.
Engineer Velin Alexandrov, manager of ‘’Sales’’ in ‘’Terazid’’EOOD, received an honorary diploma for the plaster, which is one of the first products, manufactured by the company.
The plaster is a dry mixture, based on white cement with added mineral fillers with appropriate granulometry and polymer additives. It is designed for making fine protective-decorative plaster of external and inner walls and ceilings. The dry structural plaster is an excellent solution for refreshing the old facades or for the economical finishing of the thermal insulation system.
‘’The structural plaster TERAZID’’ is the fifth product of the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of adhesives, plasters and thermal insulation materials, that receives high evaluation of craftsmen and consumers. So far, during the years in the competition ‘’The best construction product’’, ‘’Trazid Standard’’ – adhesive for tiles, ‘’Trazid Flex’’ – the flexes adhesive, class C2T, ‘’Akrilex’’ – the interior paint, and ‘’The solution for brick masonry” have been honored with diploma.