‘’Terazid’’ is the first Bulgarian manufacturer with European certificate for thermal insulation system

‘’Terazid’’ EOOD is the first Bulgarian manufacturer that has received the European Technical Approval (ETA) for its system for façade thermal insulation. The certificate is issued on the basis of thorough testing of the products, separately and in a system, by an accredited for this purpose European laboratory, which is a part of ЕОТА.
The European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA) consists of approving authorities by the states-members, participating into the Agreement on the European Economic Area, which are authorized to issue the European Technical Approvals (ЕТA). EOTA works in close relations with the European Commission, the European Association for Free Trade, the European Committee for Standardization, the European Trade Associations and Industrial Organizations, which also present as observers at the different levels in EОТА.
Each construction product, having ETA and meeting the conditions in conformity with the provisions, can carry the “CE” marking and can be released on the market in every one of those countries – members of the European Economic Area. The European Technical Approval (ETA), for a respective construction product, is the positive technical assessment of its fitness for a particular use. It is issued on the basis of the compliance of the product with the six essential requirements, as it is outlined into the ‘’Directive for Construction Products’’ and in particular for the construction-fitting work that the product is used in.
‘’Serious studies of specially designed models of the product were made for a period of about a year so that the European Technical Approval can be obtained. EOTA experts came to make the audit of the manufacturing processes in place. ‘’ said engineer Velin Alexandrov, manager of sales in ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD. But all the efforts were worth it, because this certificate puts the ‘’Terazid’’ thermal insulation system at the same competitive level with all the European brands, not only in Bulgaria, but in almost all the countries of the European Union, he also added.
In such a way, ‘’Terazid’’ EOOD makes its serious claim for expansion into the new European markets. The so far proved Bulgarian manufacturer of adhesives, plasters and thermal insulation products has established successful contacts into the neighboring Balkan counties, such as Greece, Kosovo and Macedonia.