Most of the TERAZID's special adhesives represent a category of radically different in terms of their characteristics and performance products, individual in the way of work and specifically targeted in a certain application area.

One of those products is Terazid CT-95, which is a paste-form adhesive for PVC coverings, intended for bonding polyvinyl-chloride coatings and flooring without a textile base, such as linoleum, fitted carpets, cork boards and others.

Another product strictly specialized in its application is the adhesive for depron insulations Terazid CT-35. The specificity of the heat-insulating sheets from depron necessitates the development of this water-soluble adhesive, with which they can be bonded to walls and ceilings in indoor premises, without the risk of exposure to organic solvents and substances harmful to health.

The polyurethane adhesive for thermal insulation boards PU Adhesive can also be considered as a specifically targeted product, despite the wider area of application. This low-expansion polyurethane foam works equally well for bonding thermal insulation boards, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and mineral wool. The wide application area of this product is due to the fact that it has extremely high adhesion to almost all types of building substrates, including wooden surfaces. In addition to this, the polyurethane adhesive is a preferred economic solution when it comes to saving time, material and unnecessary physical effort.

Among the products designed for a specific activity are Metazid and the Universal wallpaper adhesive. From regular light and normal, through heavy, embossed paper or photo wallpapers, to vinyl, textile and PVC wallpapers, these adhesives cover almost all types of wall coverings in this segment.

Along with the strictly specified special adhesives, this category also includes universal products such as the popular C-200 polyvinyl-acetate adhesive. It is widely used in various construction and repair activities, not only as an adhesive for many types of materials and coverings, but also as an additive to cement and gypsum solutions, plasters, primers and others.

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