Primers and impregnators suitable for plasters, renders, plasterboard, concrete, facade paints, latex and other substrates

The "Primers and impregnators" category is one of the most diverse and richest in the TERAZID’s catalog, due to the different purpose and wide application of these products. As a manufacturer of primers and impregnators, TERAZID offers to its customers specialized products for almost all stages of the construction process.

Some of the primers, such as Grund Bitum, are designed and produced to work in a system with a specific product. Others have a strictly defined function, relative to the substrate on which they are applied or the function they perform, such as the deeply penetrating Terazid G-55 or Prime DB-55. Still others are universal and can be used in combination with different products, such as the primer for decorative facade plasters Terazid G-33, or the multifunctional contact primer Top Grip, which is equally well applicable to any construction substrates.

Another example of a multifunctional primer is the Bulgarian market top seller - Terazid G-22 Betoncontact. It is a product that has an extremely wide application, not only because of the substrates and materials it can work with, but also because of its functionalities and its different applications. Popular among wide audience as a primer for bonding tiles over tiles, the containing fine quartz sand Betoncontact is also used for preparation before applying gypsum, lime-cement and polymer plasters on smooth concrete surfaces, connecting layer when bonding plasterboard panels to brick and concrete walls and others.

Most products in this category are water-based, which makes them equally harmless to both humans and the environment. One of the newest acrylic primers for walls and ceilings in the TERAZID portfolio is the white plasterboard primer Fondo Board. Its main purpose is for priming plasterboard, creating an excellent base for subsequent painting, equalizing absorbency between the boards and the jointed areas, improving the adhesion and removing any non-uniform areas on the paper surface.

Another new product in the category is the white primer for walls and ceilings Fondo Bianco. It is designed to prepare the base before painting with the interior paints Primavera Multicolore and Siana, on walls and ceilings plastered with gypsum products.

When it comes to the variety of TERAZID’s primers, along with the wall and ceiling products the floor primers should be mentioned as well. Terazid G-101 and Terazid G-202 are especially developed for the Nivelor series screeds. They are intended to equalize the absorbency of the surface and create better adhesion between the substrate and the self-levelling floor. The different compositions and characteristics of the two products determine the G-101application on normally absorbent bases, and that of G-202 on highly absorbent bases.

The silicone impregnators Terazid G-66 and Terazid G-98 are designed to protect facade coatings from water penetration, rain, moisture, dust and aggressive atmospheric components. They impregnate the coating surface layer, creating a transparent film that emphasizes the natural colour of the stone or the brick, and at the same time allows the base to "breathe".

The production of primers and impregnators is an important part of TERAZID's manufacturing and products from this category are undoubtedly bestsellers on the market in Bulgaria and on the foreign market.

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