Self-levelling screeds and floor coverings

Self-levelling floorings and screeds are an indispensable part of modern construction. Almost all interior floor coverings require a levelled and solid base on which to be applied. As a manufacturer of self-levelling floors, TERAZID offers its customers the NIVELOR series high-quality products - self-levelling screeds with different characteristics, both in their composition and in their purpose. Conditionally, they can be separated into two main groups: cement-based and sulphate-based.

The most wide used self-levelling floor coverings are cement-based, such as Nivelor Standard. The different types of self-levelling screeds are separated mainly by their strength characteristics, respectively the class of the products, which determines their maximum application thickness, the technological time for drying and gaining strength, wear resistance and others. Especially important for the subsequent flooring is the moisture release ability of the self-levelling screed or the so-called drying time. The TERAZID's solution for cases where it is necessary to work in a short terms is the fast-hardening self-levelling screed Nivelor Express, which allows walking on the covering only three hours after its application, with 5 millimetres layer thickness.

One of TERAZID's longest available and most established self-levelling floors on the market is Nivelor Maxi Top, which also has relatively short terms for moisture release ability, high wear resistance and possibility for application thicknesses from 2 to 20 millimetres.

In recent years, underfloor heating systems have been extremely popular, and not without reason. The advantages that this type of heating are indisputable. Even heat distribution, energy efficiency, space saving, reducing mold appearance possibilities, and more. The safest and most optimal way to build a complete underfloor heating system from the laying of the pipes to the interior flooring is the self-levelling screed. It is an essential element of the system, which ensures its protection, stability and flatness at the same time. Following the trends and floor heating technologies development, TERAZID created the last two products of the NIVELOR series - the sulphate self-levelling screeds Nivelor Max 20C and Nivelor CS-20.

Calcium-sulphate screeds are used to level various construction substrates floors, in indoor premises. They can be used for both “floating” and “bonded” screeds. The excellent spread ability, short drying times and high thermal conductivity of Nivelor Max 20C make it extremely suitable for building even and strong flooring over underfloor heating systems.

Because calcium-sulphate screeds are not recommended for premises with medium and high humidity, when working in bathrooms and other wet rooms, TERAZID recommends the use of the cement-sulphate self-levelling screed Nivelor CS20. Both Nivelor CS20 and Nivelor Max 20C are extremely suitable for machine application, which in this case is also the most optimal option, when it comes to easier application and saving time.

The affordable prices of the NIVELOR series products, in combination with their high quality and the option of delivering large quantities directly to the construction site, as well as the machine application possibility, rank the TERAZID’s self-levelling screeds among the most preferred in Bulgaria.

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