In 2007, the Company invested over BGN 1.3 million in new technologies and productions.

The Bulgarian producer of glues, coats, and thermo-isolation materials Terazid EOOD has scored excellent financial results since the beginning of the year.

This year, on account of the prevailing low temperatures and rains, the construction companies set to active work only in April. Notwithstanding these unfavourable factors, during the first four months of 2008, Terazid EOOD marked 31% of sales increase compared to the same period of the previous year, when active construction works began yet in February.

The Manager, Rossen Stankov, expects a persisting tendency for increasing demand of Terazid products in 2008 and a sales increase of 20-25% compared to the previous year.

For another year in succession, Terazid EOOD has marked a serious increase of sold produce amounting to over 20% compared to 2006. Thus, the amount of the Company’s produce has increased nearly 4-fold compared to 2003.

The production of silicate, silicon, and polymer front coats has contributed greatly to this continuously increasing tendency. Only in 2007, more than 740,000 sq.m. of fronts have been implemented using Terazid decorative coats.

During the last year, Terazid EOOD invested serious funds and technologies to increase the performance of flow-production lines and production quality. The investments in long-term assets for 2007 amount to nearly BGN 1.3 million. Part of these funds was spent on erecting a facility and buying 3-ton silos for cement glues and ground coats.

Transportation of materials and working with silos at construction sites is still a poorly used practice in Bulgaria. However, this working method is widely used worldwide, because it saves time and facilitates construction companies, reducing greatly manual labour, on the one hand, and construction waste, on the other hand, as Rossen Stankov qualifies the new practice, hoping that this would increase further the market share of Terazid products.

Last year was beneficial for Terazid EOOD not only in the financial aspect. The strive for implementing new technologies and good practices, as well as the active social responsibility of the Company ranked it among the strongest brands on the Bulgarian market, as determined by Business Superbrands.

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