Terazid EOOD began gratis insulation of a kindergarten

The Bulgarian manufacturer of plasters, heat insulating and other materials, Terazid EOOD, began the repairing works of the façade of the central building of the Day Nursery Kindergarten No. 16 in Pavlovo RQ in Sofia. “We are planning the heat insulation and finishing works to be completed by the beginning of September to allow the children to enter an entirely renewed and cosy kindergarten after the summer vacation”, explained Mr. Velin Alexandrov, Sales Manager in Terazid.

This is the second building of municipal children’s establishment which has been heat-insulated by Terazid on their own account. A month ago, at the celebration on the occasion of the 10th company’s anniversary the Manager, Mr. Rosen Stankov, promised to provide the necessary materials and workers for the make of façade heat insulation of the central building of the kindergarten and called other companies of the branch to involve in this charity undertaking. This has transformed the Terazid EOOD’s initiative every year to heat-insulate gratis a children’s establishment into a tradition.

In 2004 Terazid EOOD provided in the form of endowment materials and made the repair works about the heat insulation of one of the Day Nursery Kindergarten No. 16 subsidiaries, attended by 160 children. After the heat insulation the expenses of electricity for the heating of the building have decreased by over 30%.

“We think that the repair of the destroying façade of the building is extraordinary urgent as over 20 new children from the lowest children’s age – 3 years, will be admitted here in the autumn. The kitchen and the doctor’s office, which serve the other buildings of the children’s establishment, are also situated here”, explained the Director of the Day Nursery Kindergarten No. 16, Mrs. Paulina Andreeva. “In this way, except reducing significantly the expenses for heating and administration cares, the children will joyfully attend a beautiful and a cosy kindergarten”, she added.

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