Certified management system

For the facade

The facade integrated heat-insulating system of Terazid cuts down the heating expenses of the building by over 30%. The system is certified in compliance with the Bulgarian State Standard (BSS) and meets all quality, firmness end efficiency requirements.

The heat-insulating system has been developed entirely on the grounds of materials manufactured by Terazid EOOD – glue for heat-insulating surfaces, expanded polystyrene (EPS – F) under the trade-mark of STIPOR, reinforced fibre-glass mesh, heat-insulating dowels, plaster mixture, primers, paints and plasters.

Terazid EOOD manufactures EPS in two different thicknesses, namely from 50 to 100 mm that allows customers to make their best choice after they have made an assessment of the building location and the weather conditions of the area or to follow specialists’ advice who have already inspected the building. Using STIPOR, the thermo-bridges are removed and facade demolition as a result of temperature differences and atmospheric effects is avoided.

To glue the heat-insulating surfaces, Terazid EOOD recommends the use of cement glue TERMOZID or TOP MIX. For additional mechanical heat-insulating surfaces fixture plastic dowels are placed on top of which follows lying of reinforced fibre-mesh and strengthened angular profiles. The next step at implementing of the integrated heat-insulating system of Terazid is plastering with TERMOZID and priming with TERAZID G-33 or TERAZID G-55.

To acquire an aesthetic and finished appearance of the facade Terazid EOOD manufactures and offers 210 colours of polymer, silicone and silicate plasters of excellent water-repellant and steam-permeable characteristics. The different structures – ‘scratched’ and ‘dragged’ as well as the different structural grain sizes of DECORIT, SILICAT and SICOLIT plasters give an opportunity for an exceptional diversity in architectural solutions for facades or the separate facade elements.

For those who prefer a smooth facade without ornamental plaster effects Terazid EOOD offers a rich range of polymer and silicone facade paints with water-repellant and steam-permeable characteristics.

The polymer mosaic plaster DECORA with multicolored marble and granite small pieces added is the ideal finishing covering for plinth elements, pillars or other facade details.

The facade integrated heat-insulating system of Terazid has been approved and included in the EU Commission Programme on Energy Effectiveness, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and REECL. Terazid EOOD under the REECL Programme collaborates with Raiffaisen Bank. The programme has the goal to promote the Bulgarian households to cut down their expenses for heating through loan granting and free financing at the extent of 20% of the project value on energy saving.

You should observe the technological duration and the instructions specified by the manufacturer on the product packaging at different processes of details implementation.

Terazid EOOD guarantees your peace and comfort at the bathroom.

For further advice, look for Terazid’s EOOD highly qualified specialists.