Certified management system

For the bathroom

Ceramic facing and flooring system implemented by Terazid EOOD products guarantees a qualitative waterproofing and facing of bathrooms and wet premises as well as guaranteed floor covering in corridors, kitchens and etc.

Before starting to implement the ceramic facing and flooring system it is necessary to prepare the foundation depending on its characteristics:
- at concrete foundations, apply the waterproofing layer directly;
- aeroconcrete or the old lime-cement covering shall be stabilized by a deeply penetrating primer TERAZID G-55 or shall be plastered by cement glue;
- old facing or mosaic and plaster cardboard should be finished in advance by a contact primer TERAZID G-22

The implementation of the entire system for ceramic facing and flooring starts with TERAZID GT-11 paste like waterproofing coating (in 3 layers) or the dry TRECIT MT-52 (2 layers). To guarantee complete water-resistance to adjacent premises, apply waterproofing as well as on bathroom walls at least 20-30 cm from the floor.

After the first layer of waterproofing application in the corners, the elastic WATERPROOFING SEALING TAPE TERAZID should be inserted by light pressing. Placing of the sealing tape guarantees a qualitative waterproofing even after lowering of newly built structures or at water penetration between the tiles.

Second waterproofing layer application and desired facing application with the highly strong cement glue TERAZID Standard follows. If you put new tiles over old ones as well as at facing of new house premises, we recommend using of TERAZID Flex.

To exalt the aesthetic effect of the diversity of tiles colours, use the joining mixture FUGARID that may satisfy the most hard to please tastes with its 70 colours.

To complete the system for ceramic facing and flooring with Terazid trademark use the silicone joint fixing agent of TERAZID G-88 FUGGLANTS. The thin colourless film seals the joints thus preventing water penetration and protects them from mould formation and spoiling.

You should observe the technological duration and the instructions specified by the manufacturer on the product packaging at different processes of details implementation.

Terazid EOOD guarantees your peace and comfort at the bathroom.

For further advice, look for Terazid’s EOOD highly qualified specialists.