Certified management system

For the balcony

Terazid EOOD has an entire elaborated system for waterproofing of open balconies and terraces. Basic element of the system is the waterproofing layer which protects against moisture penetration through the balcony into the building. TERAZID GT-11 is a waterproofing mixture ready for application. It is suitable for application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. TERAZID GT-11 covers fine cracks and has an excellent adhesion to various building materials such as: concrete, cement coatings, lime-cement plasters, plaster cardboard, etc. It is advised to apply the waterproofing mixture not only on the horizontal surface of the balcony, but as well as on the walls at 30-40 cm of height, after that one can proceed to applying of a façade integrated heat-insulating system of TERAZID.

The balcony flooring is exposed to strong temperature influence which leads to linear extensions and shrinkages. Therefore to glue ceramic or stone facings and floorings it is recommended to use the elastic glue of TERAZID FLEX. This extremely strong cement glue absorbs forced internal tensions of newly built structures, guarantees an elastic ground of surfaces exposed to heat influence and has an excellent water-resistance.

Terazid EOOD produces the joining mixture of FUGARID with polymer additives and mono-fibres which guaranteed water and freezing resistance and protection against bursting of the final product at thickness of joining up to 5 mm. The 70 colours diversity with pigments by BASF and BAYER with guaranteed stability of the shades may satisfy the most hard to please tastes.

To achieve the necessary elasticity and firmness of the open balconies and terraces joints, an elastic additive of TERAZID GT-77 may be added to the joining mixture which improves the adhesion, water-repellent characteristics and the elasticity of the basic product by increasing the compressive strength.

FUGARID with antiseptic effect is a joining mixture with MICROBAN-B added product designated particularly to preserve the interior created against microbiological mould effects. The product with antiseptic effect preserves all advantages of the ordinary FUGARID water-resistance, ease of working and the whole range of colours, but does not permit spoiling and change of colours as a result of the moulds effect. Thus completed, the entire insulating system for balconies and terraces with Terazid EOOD products guarantees not only water and heat insulation, but an aesthetic appearance of any open terrace.

You should observe the technological duration and the instructions specified by the manufacturer on the product packaging at different processes of details implementation.

For further advice, look for Terazid’s EOOD highly qualified specialists.