Selection of a contractor under OP “Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013

On 02/27/2014 a commission composed of:
Chairman: Mr. Velin Alexandrov
Members: 1. Violeta Ivanova
2 . pearl Nikolov
decided to invite KEIT Ltd. to contract procedure with the subject Patent license giving the right to use the invention “Multimedia single-and multi-level encrypted marking banderol varhuprodukti ” protected by a patent BG 63520 .

The Commission was convened pursuant Article 11 of Decree № 69/2013 , and the Protocol of 02.27.2014 , and in performance of the grant № BG161PO003-1.1.07- 0060 , Operational Programme ” Development of the Bulgarian economy ” 2007-2013 , a grant BG161PO003-1.1.07: Implementation of innovations in enterprises.